Innovative Digital Strategies Helps Pancheros Franchise Owners Thrive in Business

The thriving burrito franchise uses cutting-edge marketing strategies to keep customers engaged and increase brand recognition

Rapidly expanding burrito franchise Pancheros Mexican Grill recently launched its digital-first campaign with the goal to “win the neighborhood” – and win we did. MediaPost recently published an article highlighting our brand’s digital transformation and the impact it had on sales and app participation.” Pancheros burrito franchise employees serving customers

The digital transformation culminated in several key moments for the brand; we launched a new social-first campaign, relaunched our social channels, and made the app more relevant, useful and central to our marketing. The results were, as MediaPost wrote, stunning:

“with the launch of delivery, online ordering increased, the participation rate was up by 23% and app downloads and signups almost tripled,” says Ryan Murrin, Vice President of Marketing & Franchise Development. 

The success of the relaunch started in September with a campaign around National Queso Day, which Pancheros offered free if ordered via the app. The promotion was so successful the brand created a leaderboard to do the promotion annually, per MediaPost. “This one promotion drove 6% in comp and 506% ROI,” Murrin says. “We got 1.1. million new customer lifetime value. Signups were up 40% and they stayed higher at 8%.”

Pancheros followed up the success with another innovative push via the app in December with the rollout of “12 Days of Pancheros”. This included free queso on certain days, Instagram caption contests, and fun promotions. According to MediaPost, new loyalty member signups not only doubled, but also 47% of new guests came back within the next two weeks.

“It had a pretty dramatic impact on the app and on sales,” says Murrin. “We beat our single-day online ordering record and saw a 130% hike in app downloads.” 

Why Now is the Time to Invest in a Pancheros Franchise

As one of the most forward-thinking brands in the booming $52 billion Mexican Fast Casual industry, Pancheros burrito franchise is a wise investment for entrepreneurs seeking an affordable business opportunity that emphasizes marketing to drive brand equity.

How, you ask? It’s simple: strategic growth with passionate entrepreneurs and cutting-edge marketing. Since our inception in 1992, we have grown to more than 70 locations in over 13 states. Or humble beginnings started in Iowa City, Iowa, and we have won millions of devoted fans who crave our fresh-pressed, handmade tortillas, our outstanding burritos that actually stand up on their own, and our ability to deliver a perfect bite each time because of our famous “Bob the Tool” technique. 

Ultimately, this rapidly growing base of brand champions has fueled our growth beyond the Midwest into new markets such as the East Coast and the southern United States. As we continue our expansion, we’re looking for savvy entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing a Mexican food franchise to their community. 

“The brand is continuing to grow within our areas where it’s strong,” says Murrin. “Obviously, we’re based in the Midwest but we have a growing presence in the Northeast and in Minneapolis., where we great franchise partners who are really savvy operators. We’ve been diligent about finding the right partners to grow, and see a lot of opportunity in growing with the right partners, especially in areas that are near where we’ve built brand awareness.” 

Ready to open a Pancheros burrito franchise?

For in-depth details about the Pancheros burrito franchise opportunity, download the free franchise report. You also can learn more by visiting our franchise research pages.

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