Pancheros Mexican Grill Awards Franchisee of the Year

Bob Thomson earned the award for his operational expertise, dedication to his five area Pancheros restaurants, and the 60 staff members he employs

Pancheros Mexican Grill franchise recently named Bob Thomson, the 93-year-old entrepreneur building Pancheros’ presence in the Twin Cities, as the 2019 “Franchisee of the Year.” The honor is awarded annually and presented to a franchisee who demonstrates strong sales performance, significant year-over-year growth, high customer satisfaction, contribution to the Pancheros brand awareness and dedication to the menu’s principle of simplicity.

Thomson was honored as “Franchisee of the Year” for his operational expertise and dedication to his five area Pancheros restaurants, two of which opened in 2019, as well as the 60 staff members he oversees. Additionally, Thomson and his team have achieved several other major restaurant victories across his five Minnesota locations, including a significant increase in customer traffic, an industry leading retention rate of managers, and new community giveback partnerships with local organizations, such as the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.

Pancheros franchise serving table

“Receiving this award is truly an honor – an honor to myself, director of operations Craig Noah, and our entire team,” said Thomson. “I’ve been in the restaurant business for over 25 years, and I know that Pancheros continues to be successful because we have the right people on board. This team is the complete package, and it’s the reason I’ve continued to open more restaurants at age 93.”

Thomson was recognized at Pancheros’ 2019 annual franchisee conference in Chicago, which brings our franchisees together from across the country to collaborate on best business practices such as next-level marketing initiatives and technology implementations, as well as celebrating the brand’s accomplishments.

Widely known for our fresh-pressed tortillas and fan-favorite perfectly-mixed burritos, our Mexican grill franchise has helped dozens of entrepreneurs thrive in business since our founding in 1992. Now, as Pancheros is expanding beyond our strong foothold in the Midwest, where our brand has a large, cult-like following, entrepreneurs are discovering that Pancheros is an easy business to scale in markets throughout the country. How so? Because we’re entirely focused on simplicity. Our business model is designed to be labor efficient and cost-effective, and we provide our franchise owners with complete, hands-on training and support from a team of industry veterans.

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