Pancheros Franchise Owners Capitalize On Mexican Food’s Popularity

Offering a cuisine that’s never out of style — and always in demand — in a fun and unique way means steady foot traffic and strong revenues

Pancheros tacos with fresh ingredients

For owners of Pancheros Mexican food franchises, food trends are interesting —  but not live-or-die situations. That’s because, unlike fad crazes and “flavor of the month” cuisine, Mexican food is a longtime favorite of American diners and that’s not about to change.

In fact, the numbers tell the story: Mexican food is a $52 billion industry in the United States, with about half of Americans eating Mexican food at least once a month. It’s also a cuisine that’s comforting, familiar and yet innovative, which means it has strong appeal for a wide customer demographic.

Grabbing the millennial market

“There’s a reason the phrase ‘Taco Tuesday’ is a staple in American households, not to mention a weekly occurrence across all the major social media platforms,” says Rodney Anderson, President and Founder. “People love Mexican food, and everyone has their favorite item within the cuisine itself, and they love trying different things or mixing and matching from the menu. That variety is why consumers will never get burned out on Mexican food.”

That applies to millennials in particular. This group prizes bright, colorful and fresh fare that’s long on identifiable ingredients and taste. At a Pancheros Mexican franchise, they are able to mix, match and customize as much as they want. That drives engagement from the very first visit, and builds a stream of repeat customers, Anderson says.

Customization means pleasing all palates

“When someone visits a Pancheros, they see so many things they’d like to try,” he explains. “That’s a good problem to have. And once they have enjoyed our food, they are eager to come back. They post photos of our tortilla press in action, which builds even more brand awareness in the community. It all combines for a great customer experience, and steady business that means revenue for our franchise owners.”

Pancheros’ pursuit to build the perfect burrito dates back to 1992, when founder Rodney Anderson opened the doors of his first restaurant in downtown Iowa City, Iowa. Since then, the brand has grown into 13 states with approximately 71 locations and gained a loyal fan following. The concept stands apart from other big-name burrito concepts because of its quality ingredients, faster service and better burritos. However, almost anyone would agree the most distinguishing factors for Pancheros are its innovations — the fresh-pressed tortillas and proprietary ingredient mixing spatula, BOB the Tool.

Ready to open a Pancheros franchise?

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