Pancheros Mexican Grill Franchise Featured On QSRWeb Podcast

VP of Marketing and Franchise Development Explains Why Pancheros is a Brand to Get Excited About

Ryan Murrin VP of Marketing at Pancheros franchise

Pancheros Mexican Grill has been making a lot of news this summer. The rising Mexican food franchise celebrated the opening of its second location in the Dallas-Metropolitan-Area, and it also made headlines for launching nationwide delivery.

With so much buzz for the brand, it made sense that the QSRWeb Podcast tapped Ryan Murrin, Vice President of Marketing & Franchise Development, to open up about where Pancheros is now and where the brand is going.

The podcast is hosted by Shelly Whitehead, an award-winning journalist with an emphasis on giving audiences a look “behind the scenes,” of worthy brands. Here are some highlights from the conversation:

Whitehead: I [want to] try to get a snapshot of where the brand is at this moment. How many locations do you have? Where is your geographic reach? What is the cost of the average entree?

Murrin: Pancheros is at about 71 locations right now. We’re just about to open our second location in the Dallas area, which make 71 locations. We’ve got a handful of new markets coming, including Raleigh, NC. We’re in 13 states, and our average entree cost is just about $7 across the country.

Whitehead: The tortilla is central to everything here. The fresh-made, fresh-pressed tortilla is Pancheros’ claim to fame from the very beginning. How does that distinguish your brand from the rest of the Mexican [QSR] market, and how important will that be as you grow?

Murrin: Fortunately, our founder had the foresight years ago to assess what would be a differentiator. He grew up eating these amazing burritos in Chicago, where the tortillas were fresh. Fast forward to today, and that tortilla is usually what people experience first. Rather than reheat a pre-made tortilla and reintroduce moisture into it, the fresh-pressed tortillas just seal perfectly at the end. It’s incredibly unique for Pancheros and an important element for the brand.

Whitehead: Talk about the most current initiatives around the marketing and delivery. I understand that systemwide delivery is rolling out, and you have a new digital-marketing campaign, as well as a whole new media agency. Why is this important to roll out now and where are you going with this?

Murrin: We started digging into who are customers are, by using data to understand what their buying habits are, how they consume media, and a couple of insights really informed the development of the new campaign. One was that our customers are tech-savvy, and they’re researching brands on social and digital media. Our campaign had to be social first, which is why when you see the campaign, it works whether the sound is on or not. We let the bright colors of the guacamole, pico, carnitas and queso do the talking. The second insight was that while we have a lot of people who know what makes Pancheros special, as we enter into new markets such as Dallas and Raleigh we have a lot of people who are just discovering Pancheros. What we needed to do was look at how we’re talking about the brand, and one of the key differentiators is “Bob,” a tool we use to mix the burrito to give our customers the perfect bite.

The rest of the interview is well-worth your time, and we encourage you to listen to the entire podcast by clicking here.

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