Answers to common questions about ownership with the fast-growing burrito franchise

Below is a list of answers to common questions prospective franchise owners ask while they are researching franchise ownership with Pancheros Mexican Grill. If you don’t see the answer to your specific question on this list, please give us a call or download our Franchise Information Report to learn more.


What Is Pancheros Mexican Grill?

Pancheros Mexican Grill is one of the fastest-growing Mexican Fast Casual concepts in the nation. Founded in 1992 by President Rodney Anderson, Pancheros has achieved enormous popularity in the Midwest, with millions of devoted fans who crave our perfect burritos, our homemade queso, our fresh-pressed tortillas and so much more. In recent years, the news about Pancheros’ fresh take on Mexican food has spread across the country, creating a demand for restaurants far beyond our growing footprint in the Midwest. Today, Pancheros has 75 locations open across the country, including several on the East Coast and the Southern United States. Our proven business model has helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their own dreams of owning a Mexican restaurant that becomes a dynamic part of the communities they serve. Today, Pancheros is poised to become a dominant brand on a national level, as the demand for delicious Mexican food continues to skyrocket.


What Is The Total Investment?

Pancheros Mexican Grill is one of the most affordable business opportunities in the Mexican Fast Casual segment and offers a proven business model that is straightforward to implement and quick to scale. The total investment to open a new Pancheros franchise is $500,000 – $1,208,000.


What Is The Franchise Fee And Royalty Structure?

We charge $30,000 for our current franchise fee and a royalty of 5%. See our current Franchise Disclosure Document for additional details.


What Are The Qualifications For Ownership?

We are seeking investors with a minimum of $250,000 liquid assets and a total of $750,000 net worth. While zero experience in the restaurant industry is required, we do require that our franchisees have a passion for Mexican food, a drive to succeed, the ability to lead a team and the desire to become a meaningful part of your community.


What Are The Growth Markets For Pancheros?

We have significant pent-up demand and room for prime new locations throughout the United States. We offer tremendous growth potential with available space in prime markets across the country.


What Makes A Good Location?

Pancheros works well in locations where other Fast Casual locations work, such as large shopping centers and busy business areas in end-cap locations. Pancheros has a real estate team to help new franchisees secure prime locations in their markets, as well as to assist with build-out. Our team also supports new franchisees with their grand opening and beyond.


Can I Own Multiple Pancheros Locations?

Yes. In fact, many of our franchise owners own multiple restaurants. This is because our proven business model is simple to implement and quick to scale. Our industry-leading training is comprehensive and ongoing, which means that even entrepreneurs with zero experience in the restaurant industry can thrive in a Pancheros business.


How Many Employees Do I Need?

Every Pancheros is unique in terms of how many employees are needed. In general, Pancheros restaurants can employ between 10-20 people, with shifts ranging from 5-7 employees depending on the demand and time of day.

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