How Do We Find the Perfect Location?

Pancheros supports new franchisees through the entire process of finding the ideal location in their communities

Pancheros is one of the most exciting franchise opportunities in the fast-casual dining industry. Since our founding in 1992, Pancheros has built a loyal following of millions of fans. How, you ask? It’s simple. In fact, simplicity is at the core of everything we do, from pressing each tortilla as it’s ordered from scratch-made dough, to high-quality, fresh ingredients mixed for the perfect bite, to helping franchisees find the perfect location. Our menu, operations, in-store and digital experiences are designed to focus on simplicity.

That laser focus on simplicity has allowed Pancheros to grow from our humble beginnings as a college favorite in Iowa City to 74 restaurants in 13 states.

One of the reasons why Pancheros continues to enter new markets with ease is that we have site selection down to a science. We know exactly what to look for in a location in order for a restaurant to thrive over the long term.

“We assist franchisees with securing the best possible location for their new restaurants,” says Nanette Beiner, Director of Real Estate and Chief Admin Officer. “We will provide the franchisee with tools to evaluate locations, as well as study psychographics and demographics for potential sites. We also look at the physical attributes of the site, the type of access, visibility, and the co-tenants of the shopping center to help determine the success of the location. We make it easy for the franchisee so they can focus on the excitement of finding their location.”

Here are the requirements for new Pancheros restaurants

• 2500 square feet
• High visibility end-cap and freestanding locations
• 30 feet minimum frontage
• Maximum signage allowed by local code
• Patio seating
• 35 parking spaces
• Daily needs anchored shopping centers
• Mobile pick-up window a plus

• 20,000 daytime population in 2-mile radius
• $65,000 median household income
• 70%+ population with some college education

• 400 amp, 208-volt three-phase electrical service pulled to two (2) panels
• One (1) ton HVAC per 150 square feet with economizers
• Sprinkler heads turned up at 15′ 0″ above the finished floor
• Gas: 950,000 BTUs in addition to any requirements for rooftop units
• 4″ sanitary sewer line
• 2″ water line for 67.5 gallons/minute @ 45 psi
• Grease trap (if required by code to be exterior)
• High-speed, digital commercial data communications

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