How Will Pancheros Support Me?

Pancheros offers an industry-leading training platform that helps franchisees thrive

Franchising with Pancheros means you’ll never be in business alone. In 30 years in business, Pancheros has developed one of the most comprehensive training and ongoing support platforms in the entire industry. In that time, we have helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their dreams of owning a thriving Mexican fast casual restaurant that becomes a dynamic part of their community.

Founded in 1992, Pancheros has made the path to ownership as simple as possible for new franchisees. Starting with our investment costs we greatly reduce the barrier to entry and make ownership more accessible to entrepreneurs. Our executive team has worked significantly to simplify our business model, and the results have been outstanding.

“We worked hard to make sure that our business model is as simple as possible for our franchisees to implement and execute on a daily basis,” says Joe Gale, Director of Franchise Development of Pancheros. “When I think of our franchise support, it’s best to describe it in three buckets.

  1. We help our franchisees through the process of site selection, design and construction, getting that restaurant up off the ground and ready to open.
  2. Our franchise training at our support center, which helps our franchisees master our business model, understand what we do, how we do it and why we do it.
  3. Then we have ongoing support. We’re very operationally focused, so we are in our franchisees’ restaurants on a regular basis, and we reach out to our franchisees on a weekly basis to ensure that their businesses are thriving. On the back end, we’re always working with our vendors to keep costs down and to help our franchisees maximize their profit potential.”

Here is how we help our franchisees thrive in their businesses:

Our immersive training platform will help you master our business model

We know that the most experience our franchisees may have had serving Mexican food might be limited to making guacamole for their parties, we have developed an immersive training platform. Over the span of three weeks, all new franchise owners will work in an open Pancheros restaurant. While there, you will work in every role in the restaurant. You will learn how to follow our simple recipes to prepare everything on our menu, you will learn how to use our tortilla press, how to roll a burrito, make our queso, salsas, and more. You will learn how to use our Point of Sales system to manage inventory and keep track of your sales. You will learn how to run the line and perform exceptional customer service. Most importantly, you will experience firsthand how our cross-training strategy allows everyone on your staff to perform all the jobs in the restaurant, which will help you manage your ongoing labor costs.

By the end of this training course, you will be prepared with the skills you need to open your restaurant with confidence.

Finding the perfect location

We realize that many of our franchise owners are entrepreneurs — not real estate agents who know how to find the perfect location for a new restaurant. Pancheros has an experienced team to help you find a location with the best potential for long-term success in your area. The ideal Pancheros restaurant is located on an end-cap lot of a highly-visible shopping center that gets heavy traffic at lunch and dinner times. We look for a mix of business and residential populations to ensure that your new business has the customer base to support your business over the long-term. We also help you through the process of negotiating a fair lease with your landlord and assist with the build-out of your new restaurant.

In short, we want to help you focus on opening your new business and marketing in your community, so we help to make the real estate process as easy as possible for you.

Grand Opening Support and Beyond

Launching your new business is the first step of your new journey as a Pancheros franchise owner, and we will work with you to help you make sure that you have all the tools you need to make your business a hit right out of the gate. We provide marketing support, including community marketing tools such as our sampling strategy using Burrito Boxes®, which allows your community to try our food, we also have Queso for a Cause®, a community fundraiser that allows you to give back. We also provide a fully integrated six-month marketing plan leveraging social, digital and loyalty support as you open your restaurant. There is also national marketing support to connect with your customer base and drive business to your restaurants. As a new franchisee, you will also have access to our loyalty program, which currently has more than 720,000 members, and is growing every day.

We don’t stop there. To help your new restaurant get off to a great start, we send a business coach to help you in your business during the grand opening. Your field representative will visit your business on an ongoing basis to ensure that your business is thriving. They will continue to provide mentorship, advice and additional assistance going forward. Our executive team will also provide coaching and consultation on a regular basis, and they are a phone call away should issues arise.

As a Pancheros franchise owner, we strive to support you from the moment you sign your franchise agreement and every day after.

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