What Do Our Franchisees Have to Say?

Pancheros franchise owners open up about what they love about their businesses

A franchise concept doesn’t grow to 74 locations in 13 states without getting more than a few things right. Since our founding in 1992, Pancheros has won millions of fans who crave our homemade take on Mexican food. While our customers may not know that all of their favorite items on our menu, from our fresh-pressed tortillas, to our queso, to our salsa, marinated steaks, guacamole, and more, are prepared in-house, every single day – they most certainly can taste it.

In fact, the majority of our franchisees were fans of our brand before they joined the Pancheros franchise family – and the reason why our brand has grown so fast and has won so many fans is directly the result of our franchisees. Our straightforward business model and industry-leading training platform have given them the tools to thrive in their businesses.

This is what our franchisees have to say about why they love owning a Pancheros franchise:

“It was really unbelievable going to Pancheros for the first time. We had never experienced Mexican food in the segment that tasted so fresh – and the hand pressed tortillas, there’s nothing that compares. By the time my brother and I left, it was a done deal – we knew we wanted to become owners. We started in Bismarck, North Dakota in 2007 and had an enormous success from day-one. The customers really responded to having food that was clearly different than what other brands offer. That made it really easy for us to expand into the second location and the third location. Our success is also because we’re really active owners – I signed on when I was 23, and I’m 35 now, and so I’ve been following the Pancheros business model for 12 years. This brand has been around for as long as it has for a reason – if you commit to the brand, commit to the business model – you will be happy with the results.”

Steven Majkrzak

Co-owner of three Pancheros franchise restaurants in Minnesota and North Dakota

“I’ve owned two Pancheros locations in Iowa for about 15 years now. The reason why we’ve been successful for the last 15 years is because as owners, we’re actively involved in our restaurants. I pay attention to the details – we have great food, we follow the recipes, we follow the business model, and we provide great service in a clean environment – if you do, you’re going to be successful. Because we have food that is so much better than our competitors, we take our food to one business a week in our community to allow them to try it – because we never assume that everyone has tried our food and that has been enormously successful for us. Because myself and my partner are in the restaurants all the time, people in our community know that we’re the owners, and that goes a long way to build a customer base. Pancheros is a good investment – and people always want to talk about how much money you can make – I’ve been in business for 15 years, we’re successful. If you put the time in and work in, and Pancheros will teach you, and if you follow the model, you will be successful.”

Dan Sacco

Co-owner of two Pancheros franchise restaurants in Iowa

“My dad was the original owner – and he had been successful for 14 years – and when the time came for him to retire, I decided that I wanted to keep the business in our family. I run the restaurants with my husband, and it allows us to keep each other balanced and use our different skill-sets to benefit our business. It also allows us to have a great quality of life. We have young children, and so if we need to be with them, or attend a school function, we can. Pancheros is a great brand to invest in – it says a lot that founder of the company is the president of the company after 30 years. The support from corporate is absolutely terrific – they’re very responsive, and if we have questions, they always get answered. We have friends that are franchisees of different brands and they do not have the same experience.”

Shelly Robinson

Co-owner of two Pancheros franchise restaurants in Iowa.

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