Why Do Customers Love Our Menu?

Fast-growing Mexican Fast Casual franchise makes a bold claim: the food is the best in the entire industry

When a customer walks into a Pancheros Mexican Grill restaurant, they know they’re in something really special. The closer you get to the counter to place your order, the more you realize that Pancheros food is on another level entirely from the rest of the Mexican Fast Casual industry.

The steak and chicken are sizzling on the grill – and dough balls are pressed into perfect burritos and emerging as perfect tortillas. Customers who order a burrito watch as we use “Bob the tool” to mix all of the ingredients together before we roll it up to deliver a perfect, balanced bite every time. Unlike other Mexican concepts who overload their menus with items, Pancheros keeps it simple – our menu only features six entrees to choose from: Burritos, Bowls, Salads, Quesadillas, and Tacos.  Plus our fan-favorite, queso, made from scratch each day, in each restaurant.

When the customer gets their food, that is when the magic happens. They may not know that we make everything they’re eating, however, they can certainly taste the difference. Everything is made in-house, fresh-for-them on a daily basis, whether it’s our tortillas, queso, salsa or guacamole. In fact, Pancheros’ food is so fresh that our restaurants do not have a freezer, fryer, or microwave unlike other Mexican franchises, which brings their food in frozen, pre-cooked or pre-made.

“Our food is the best in the industry – hands down,” says Rodney Anderson, President and founder of Pancheros. “We make everything that we serve to our customers in-house, and that is something that not only makes our brand more enjoyable to our customers, but it also differentiates us from other brands in this segment. We take pride in the care and quality that goes into our food, and when you combine that with exceptional customer service, that really is a win-win.”

Pancheros has a strong, devoted following that is growing all the time

Over the course of 30 years in business and with 75 restaurants open in 13 states, Pancheros has won an enormous cult-like following. Buzzfeed described Pancheros as “one of the food chains people from the Midwest rant and rave about.” Our fan base is growing and our loyalty program currently has 720,000+ members and that number will continue to grow as we expand across the nation (1).

The reason why Pancheros is able to build a strong customer base in the markets we serve is the result of the strong marketing support that emphasizes community engagement.

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