Pancheros Franchise Review: Q&A with Robert Mesite

How an entrepreneur found the perfect opportunity with the perfect burrito franchise

For many people, owning their own business is the ultimate dream. In fact, online printing company Vistaprint recently released a study showing that 62% of Americans want to be their own bosses by establishing their own businesses. While the study found that 62% of small business owners felt being in charge is better than they thought it would be, the research also cited flexible work hours, financial independence and more satisfaction as reasons why respondents wanted to own their business.Pancheros burrito franchise fresh tortilla dough

For instance, when things got stale for experienced restaurateur Robert Mesite, a friend suggested he try Pancheros Mexican Grill. After visiting a location, Mesite realized he had found the right fresh, fun opportunity that our Mexican franchise provides. Six years later, Mesite is the owner of a thriving burrito franchise.

Here’s his story:

What were you doing before you became a Pancheros franchise owner?

Mesite: I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years, and have owned many businesses from limousine services to Boston Market and multiple Sonic Drive-in’s. I like doing different things because it’s a lot of fun, and you can meet and service different people. I wanted to get into franchising because it’s more of a high paced, high-volume business from what I was previously doing. Additionally, I wanted to become a multi-unit operator so I could visit and share my experiences with them all. 

How did you hear about Pancheros in Connecticut? As a restaurateur, what appealed to you about the burrito franchise’s business model?

Mesite: About six years ago, many people suggested that I try the food at a location in Shelton, Conn. When I tried it, I thought it was really good. After looking into their franchise opportunity, I found that their proven business model was as simple and straightforward as their menu. I really enjoyed the freshness of the food, and the uniqueness of the fresh-pressed tortillas and Bob the Tool.

How does Pancheros compare to other Mexican QSRs?

Mesite: There’s no comparison. When you bite into our burrito, which is our star, you can automatically taste the freshness of it. The fact that we don’t even own microwaves or freezers was really appealing to me. Other brands take tortillas out of the freezer and warm them up. When our customers see a dough ball pressed fresh in front of them, especially the first time they try us, it wows them. Couple that with Bob the Tool, which mixes all of our high-quality ingredients together, allowing customers’ first and last bites to be the exact same. It makes a big difference. 

What’s been the reaction in your community?

Mesite: They love it. Once they try it, they always return with someone else. That’s why our annual sales keep increasing every year in the double digits. Pancheros isn’t a name brand like other Mexican QSRs. However, it provides constant revenue. Whether you have been an operator for two or 10 years, your comparative sales are always increasing. As a Pancheros franchise owner, the sky’s the limit. 

What types of support does Pancheros provide its franchise owners? How does it differ from other brands?

Mesite: The fact that I can pick up the phone and call the vice president of the company is huge. No matter who you call, they always answer. Leadership, including the founder, is also present as they visit our restaurants. I’ve never seen anyone else do that in other brands. Additionally, Pancheros’ industry-leading training platform helps owners thrive and get up to speed quickly. Their experienced team helps us with site selection, employee training, facility design, marketing and ongoing support. 

Why is now a good time to invest in Pancheros?

Mesite: This business model works. If you take care of the brand and follow the guidelines Pancheros provides, you will be successful. They are a small business with small items, less labor and minimal food costs, which equates to more profitability. Additionally, Pancheros is a good business that you can rely on. I’ve checked out many franchises and I’ve only signed on with the ones that I knew would be successful. Pancheros is definitely one of those brands. 

Ready to open a Pancheros franchise?

For in-depth details about the Pancheros burrito franchise opportunity, download the free franchise report. You also can learn more by visiting our franchise research pages.

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